Start Saving With Envie

The envelope challenge is now on your phone! Play to see how fun saving can be.

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Get green with Envie.

We want to encourage you to start saving for things you want to do. With the Envie 100 day challenge, you can do just that!

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savings rewards

We'll cover you.

Start a saving streak and get a Goldie. Let us cover a day of your challenge by landing on a golden envelope!

Fun & rewarding

Play for 100 days and challenge yourself to save money!

Save for your goals

You're not just playing a game. You're building your vacation fund!

Watch progress

Track your challenge in the progress tab and see how far you've come.

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Envie is powered by Southern Bancorp, member of the FDIC.

Share with friends

Share your progress and invite friends to start their own challenge.

Win Goldies

If you play Envie for 30 days straight, we'll pay for a day of your savings.


Want to start saving?

In less than 30 seconds daily, play Envie and save for your goals. Before you know it you’ve saved your challenge goal!

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