Meet your new favorite money app.

the 100-day savings challenge


play. save. repeat.

Hey, it's Envie!

100-day savings challenge.

Envie is a game that helps you save a small amount of money every day. (Like if the #envelopechallenge was an app!) Play for 100 days and cash out your savings at the end. Simple as that!

Save up to $5,050.

Pick a savings goal and Envie will help you reach it in 100 days. There are 5 Challenge levels ranging from $350 to $5050. Choose the Challenge that fits your goals & Envie will help you with the rest!


Build your streak. Get rewarded.

Envie will pay your full savings amount for the day when you catch the Goldie. This golden envelope is unlocked once you've reached your 30-day savings streak!

100% free – literally.

We're here to help you save your money, your way. Envie is a 100% free app and we won't ask you to spend a dime on any fees or penalties – ever.


You'd be surprised at what you save in 100 days.

Saving a small amount every day really adds up after a while – say, in 100 days. Track your savings progress & watch your Envie board fill up each day you play.



Envie is for everyone. ✨


Build your streak & earn some cash.

Reach a 30-day savings streak to unlock a Goldie. When you land on this golden envelope, Envie will pay your savings for that day. Think of it like a high five with cash.