Meet Envie!

We’ve brought the viral #EnvelopeChallenge to your phone! Envie is an app available for Apple and Android designed to make saving money easy and fun!


Paper Envelopes, Paper Money

To do the physial envelope challenge, gather your materials. You would need:

Write a dollar amount on each envelope and draw daily, putting in money. 

The new challenge

Easy. Quick. Fun.

To play Envie you need:

Go into Envie daily and play! Hit the button and land on an amount for the day. Then, confirm the transfer from your linked bank account.


Envie Envelopes

When you transfer money from your linked bank account to Envie, your money is secure. Envie is powered by Southern Bancorp Bank, member of FDIC.


Throughout the challenge, your money is kept in a Saving Vault.


Keep track of the amount of the money you've saved in the Progress tab.


Transfer your savings back to your linked bank account whenever.

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