It’s Goldie Hour: Build Your Streak & Get Rewarded


Hey there! Since you’ve made it here, you’ve probably wondered at least once: “What the heck is a Goldie?” Well, the Goldie is like that golden ticket from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, except with more cash and less risk of turning into a giant blueberry.   So, How Does Goldie Work? Okay, here’s the gist: […]

Envie: Saving for Everyone, at Any Stage of Your Financial Journey


Saving money is a universal goal, yet many people feel overwhelmed or unsure of where to start. Whether you’re new to saving or seeking a fresh approach to your existing saving habits, Envie is here to support you on your financial journey. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Envie caters to individuals at all […]

Sustainability in Savings: How Envie Revolutionizes Financial Habits for a Greener Future

When it comes to saving money, sustainability goes beyond the environment. At Envie, we’re committed to building a platform that not only promotes eco-conscious practices but also fosters sustainable financial habits. Today, we’ll explore how Envie contributes to a greener future by reducing environmental impact and supporting long-term financial success. Join us as we dive […]

The Power of Choice: Why Envie Offers Five Different Savings Levels


At Envie, we believe that financial goals are personal, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to saving money. That’s why we’ve designed Envie with the power of choice in mind. We are about to delve into why Envie offers five different savings levels and how this variety empowers individuals to customize their savings journey. Get ready […]

What is the #Envelope Challenge?


Have you heard of the #EnvelopeChallenge? If you’re curious about this viral sensation that has taken the world of personal finance by storm, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re diving deep into the world of the #EnvelopeChallenge, uncovering its origins, how it works, why it has become a powerful tool for saving money […]

Envie and Southern Bancorp: Scaling Economic Opportunity Across America


In an era where many big banks prioritize urban markets, underserved communities are left without adequate access to capital. That’s where Southern Bancorp, a unique financial institution, comes in. With a mission to create economic opportunity in underserved areas, Southern Bancorp combines traditional banking services with a focus on financial development tools. And now, in […]