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Getting Started

Setting up & managing your profile, linked accounts, etc.

Using the App

How Envie works, how to play, Goldies, etc.


Scanning your ID, bank fees, etc.


Setting up/managing your profile & linked accounts, etc.

Yes! Your Envie account & all of your savings are powered by Southern Bancorp (Member FDIC). Your funds are insured up to $250,000 per Porfolio. (Envie doesn’t have any $250k savings Challenges, so you’re all good!)

In the app, tap the menu icon and go to Profile > Change Linked Account. If you’re adding a new account, you can opt to link it via Plaid or manually with micro-deposits.

For security purposes (to protect both you and Envie), only one account can be made per person since the creation of a new account is tied to an ID. Feel free to invite others in your circle to start saving with Envie though!

From Envie’s menu, tap My Profile. Tap your email address, change it to your preferred one, and tap Update.

You’ll receive a verification code to your new email address. Come back to the app to enter your verification code in to finish updating your email. 

When you are connecting a new bank account, you’ll be prompted to link with Plaid.

Beneath the Link With Plaid button, you’ll see a Link Manually with Micro-Deposits option. Tap that. Enter your account’s information and tap Start Linking.

In 1-3 days, you will see two small deposits from Envie in the account you’re attempting to link.

Take note of those amounts, and come back to Envie to finish manually linking your bank.

Open Envie’s menu, tap Profile, and follow the prompts to type in those two micro-deposits.

For example: Envie will add 5¢ and 10¢ to the bank account you’re attempting to link, and the total 15¢ is returned to Envie. The 5¢ and 10¢ numbers are the ones you’ll use to verify your bank account – not the 15¢.

⚠️ NOTE: This option shuts your entire Envie account down completely. You will need to start the enrollment process over in order to begin a new Challenge in the future. 

If you’re just wanting to take a break, you can always end your Challenge early by tapping My Profile > End Challenge Early from the app menu. This will end your Challenge and transfer your savings back to your linked bank account. Envie will never charge you for being inactive.

However, if you’re sure about fully deactivating, email us at [email protected] so we can help you complete the cancellation process!


How Envie works, how to play, Goldies, & more.

No – at least not really. Ultimately, this is your own money you are saving. For example, when you land on a $5 envelope, $5 is transferred (with your explicit permission & confirmation) from your linked bank account to your Envie account.

However, Envie does give you the opportunity for a cash reward (the Goldie) to celebrate you reaching your 30-day streak – a monetary high five for building good savings habits!

Envie is an app that makes saving money easy and fun. You pick a goal, play & save a small amount of money every day for 100 days, and cash out your savings at the end.

It’s based off the viral #envelopechallenge, where folks label 100 paper envelopes #1 through 100, put them in a box, and pull an envelope daily. Whatever # is on the envelope is the $ in cash that’s added to it. (For example, pulling #17 envelope means you put in $17 cash, and so on.)  By the end of the 100 days/envelopes, you’ll have saved up $5,050.

Envie turned this concept into an app that’s more convenient, accessible, & sustainable:

  • More Convenient: Between going to the bank, remembering to get cash back at the store, & needing to break bills, it can be pretty difficult to keep up with having exact cash on-hand every day. Envie digitally transfers your exact savings amount from your bank account to your Envie savings with a couple of taps on your phone, wherever you are.
  • More Accessible: The physical #envelopechallenge only has one savings goal: $5,050. Of course, we’d all love an extra $5k a hundred days from now, but not very many of us have the ability to realistically save that. That’s why Envie has five Challenges; they start at $350 and go up to the original $5,050.
  • More Sustainable: Not only is Envie more sustainable from an environmental standpoint (no paper envelopes, no gas used driving to ATMs, etc.), we’re also more sustainable as a financial habit. In general, the easier & more enjoyable something is, the more likely we are to stick with it. Saving money isn’t exactly #1 on everyone’s Super Fun & Easy List, but Envie hopes to help with that.


Five Challenge Levels: Whatever Challenge level you choose, Envie will help you break that down into smaller, more manageable amounts to set aside daily. These smaller amounts are dispersed in such a way that no matter which Challenge you pick, playing and saving daily will mean you’ve reached your goal in 100 days.

Challenge Goal

Saved Per Day (100 Days)


$1 – 7


$1 – 10


$1 – 19


$1 – 49


$ 1 – 100


💰 Rewards: As an incentive to cultivate daily savings habits, Envie has a rewarding streak feature. When you reach your 30-day streak, you will unlock a Goldie – a golden envelope that, when landed on, means Envie will pay your full savings amount for that day. (You’ll also unlock a Goldie on day one of any new Challenge your start after finishing your first one!)

Once you’ve completed a Challenge, you transfer your full savings amount back to your linked bank account.

A Goldie is a golden savings envelope that is unlocked once you’ve reached a 30-day streak or started a new Challenge after completing a previous one.

As you’ll notice while playing, a regular envelope with random numbers bounces around the screen until you hit Stop.

However, once you’ve unlocked a Goldie, you will see a golden envelope enter the rotation. When you land on it, Envie will pay your savings amount for that day.

For example, if your Goldie is worth $10, Envie will contribute $10 to your total savings balance the day you land on it.

💡 The Goldie will appear every day throughout your Challenge until you land on it!

🔗 Learn more about the Goldie here.

We know Envie is fun! But our Challenges are designed so that your savings goal is able to be accomplished in 100 days through daily playing. Because of this, you can only play Envie once per day.

We’re not stopping you from sending over some extra money into your savings account though! Pro tip: if you get the urge to play Envie multiple times per day, go ahead and open your regular banking app to transfer at least $1 to your savings account! 

Things happen – we get it! If you miss a day (or more), you can always pick up right where you left. Envie isn’t gonna charge you any fees for not being able to play daily.

However, missing a day will break your streak if you have one and you’ll have to start your savings streak over again. 

Each Challenge level has a unique algorithm to save that amount within 100 days. Because of this, a Challenge level can’t be switched once it’s selected.

For example, the $350 Challenge is split up to save between $1 and $7 per day, whereas the $5,050 Challenge is split up to save between $1 to $100 every day. Switching between these two would get the algorithm all wonky.

If you’d like to change your Challenge level, you can end your current Challenge early (Profile > End Challenge Early) and start a new one at your desired level. (Note: This will restart your streak, so plan accordingly!)

Yes! Open Envie’s menu and tap Profile > End Challenge Early. When ending a Challenge early, you must wait 7 calendar days between playing Envie and transferring your savings.

Everything you’ve saved up to that point back will then be transferred to your linked bank account. There are no fees or penalties for ending a Challenge or transferring your savings early.

Open the Envie app, tap the menu, and tap Statements and/or Agreements to access your monthly statements, user agreement, & e-sign agreement. You can also find a copy of Envie’s agreements & privacy policy by visiting

No, your Challenge’s available balance isn’t accessible via ATM or any debit card. In order to use or spend your Envie savings, you will first need to transfer it back to your linked bank account.

Transferring your balance to your linked account can take between 1-3 business days. This is so your Envie account has time to finish processing any money you’ve added to your Challenge as well as the time it takes to transfer your funds from your Envie account to your linked bank account.

🌟 As a reminder, Envie never charges you any fees. 100% of your Envie balance is transferred to your linked bank account.


Issues with Plaid, scanning ID, etc.

Make sure you are scanning your ID in a well-lit area so that the barcode on your ID is clearly visible. Too much glare or damage on the barcode could affect Envie being able to read it.

Placing your ID on a contrasting background, making sure the barcode is lined up within the guides, and rotating your ID/phone 90º are some other ways you can get your ID to scan.

💡 If all else fails, feel free to reach out to us for support ([email protected]) & we’ll help you get squared away!

While Envie never charges you any fees on our part, sometimes the same can’t be said for other banks!

If the checking or savings account you’ve linked with Envie has a limited number of transactions per month, your bank may be charging you for any transactions that exceed that limit.

For example, if you’re pairing Envie with a savings account that only allows 5 withdrawals per month, your bank could start charging you fees once you exceed those transactions. Envie doesn’t have control over this.

Since Envie is designed to be played each day (and it works by you transferring a small amount of money from your bank to to your Envie account each time you play), you might want to use a different bank account for your Challenge if the bank account you’re using limits or charges you for your transactions.

Envie updates your savings amount in real-time based on your gameplay. However, it can take 1-3 business days to finish processing your transfers & communicating with your bank behind the scenes.

Depending on your bank, it can take a couple days for your Envie savings transfer to actually reach your Envie account.

For example, if you played and saved $10 today, Envie will immediately show that you saved $10 today, and your Challenge Balance will increase by $10. However, it can take a couple of days for that $10 to officially move from your linked bank to your Envie account and be reflected in your Available Balance.

If a savings amount is returned for insufficient funds, while you won’t be charged any fees or penalties, the return will reflect on your Available Balance with Envie.

For example, if you used Envie to save $1, $3, and $5 over the span of three days, your Challenge Balance will show $9. However, if the $3 savings amount was returned, your Available Balance will read $6, even after 1-3 business days have passed.


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