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Your Account

To change your email, go to Menu > Profile and update your email address in the field titled Change Email.

We are aware of an issue with linking a new bank account using Plaid. The affected banks are: Chase, Wells Fargo, US Bank, USAA, Capital One, Bank of America, and Robinhood.

As we continue working with Plaid on a solution, our latest version of Envie now allows users to manually link their bank account by typing in their credentials.

If you do not see an option to manually link your account, please make sure your app is up to date.

You will receive two micro-deposits within 1-3 business days to confirm your bank account.

The most common cause for this is including a decimal or a dollar sign when typing in the micro-deposit amounts. Make sure you are only typing in two numbers. (For example, if your micro-deposit is two cents, you will simply type “02” – not $0.02, etc.)

Email support@savewithenvie.com if you continue to have issues!

Change your linked bank account by going to Settings > Profile > Change Linked Account. You will go through the same process with Plaid to link a new bank account.

No. For security, only one account can be created with your photo ID.

No. Any funds will need to be transferred to a linked bank account. Transferred funds can take 1-3 business days depending on your bank’s policies. 

Yes, you can withdraw your available funds early if you need to. Go to Menu > Profile > End Challenge Early. 

To request the closure of your account, please send a request to support@savewithenvie.com.

Yes, your money is safe. Envie is powered by Southern Bancorp Bank, an FDIC Insured Financial Institution.

Envie does not charge any fees, however if you have a savings account or a checking account with a limited amount of transactions allowed per month, your bank might be charging you per transaction and you may want to change your linked account for the challenge.

Using The App

A Goldie is a reward we give users where we pay you. A gold envelope will appear on your game board and when you land on it, the Goldie will cover the cost of your savings amount that day. The first Goldie is rewarded after you play 30 days in a row. The more challenges you start, the more Goldies you get!

YOU are saving YOUR money; Envie is simply an app to make saving more fun and easy!

The money saved for the challenges comes from the bank account you link in your profile.

The only time a user receives money from Envie is the single day when they catch a Goldie (golden envelope) after reaching their 30-day playing streak or when they start a new challenge.

No, currently you can’t change the amount you want to save while you are in a challenge. To change the amount, you can end your existing challenge early with no penalties or fees and begin a new challenge. Your savings streak will start over.

While the app updates the amount in real time, it takes longer for the actual money transactions to update. Depending on your linked bank account, the transfer of available funds may take up to 1-3 business days.

At this time Envie does not support any sort of catch-up feature. It is based on each day you log in and play. 

Envie is a savings app. There is no penalty for ending the challenge early.