It’s Goldie Hour: Build Your Streak & Get Rewarded


Hey there! Since you’ve made it here, you’ve probably wondered at least once: “What the heck is a Goldie?” Well, the Goldie is like that golden ticket from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, except with more cash and less risk of turning into a giant blueberry.


So, How Does Goldie Work?

Okay, here’s the gist: Envie is a savings app based on the viral 100-day #envelopechallenge. You know, where you put a little bit of cash in an envelope every day for 100 days, and by the end of it, you’ve saved up a bunch of money? It’s a pretty cool way to save!

As an app, Envie just makes this savings method even more accessible, convenient, sustainable, fun – and, the reason why we’ve all gathered here today: more rewarding. That’s where the Goldie comes in.

  • When you play Envie each day, you continuously build up your savings streak.
  • Once you reach the coveted 30-day streak, you’ll unlock the Goldie!
  • The next day, you’ll see a golden envelope appear in your regular game board. Your goal is to catch the Goldie!
  • When you catch the Goldie, Envie will pay your full savings amount for that day!
    • In general, Envie works by transferring a small amount from your bank to your Envie account for safe keeping until you’re ready to transfer it back out.
    • If you land on a $10 Goldie, for example, Envie pays that $10 savings envelope for you. In other words, instead of that $10 being transferred from your bank to your Envie account (like the rest of your usual Envie savings), that $10 is on us!
  • If you don’t catch the Goldie on your first try, don’t worry! It’ll be in play every day until you do land on it, as long as you keep your streak going!
  • When you finish your Challenge and start a new one, another Goldie is automatically unlocked on day one!





Why Team Envie Loves the Goldie

As you can imagine, aside from cashing out a completed Challenge, the Goldie is the pride and joy among Team Envie – and for good reason! Here’s just a few of them:

  1. Like a High Five, But With Cash: We believe in celebrating milestones, and Goldie is the perfect way to reward your dedication and consistency. It’s a tangible acknowledgment of your commitment to saving, and it feels oh-so-good to be recognized for your efforts. You should get rewarded for building up those sweet, sweet savings habits!
  2. It’s Giving… Motivation: The Goldie serves as a powerful motivator on your savings journey. The anticipation of reaching that 30-day streak and unlocking Goldie keeps us focused and driven. It’s that little burst of excitement that keeps the savings momentum going strong. (This especially goes for those of you who are super competitive with keeping up with your streaks. You know who you are.)
  3. Literally Free Money: Speaking of cash… Every little bit adds up, especially in Envieland – and the Goldie helps out with that! We know “free money” sounds fake, but keep in mind that every cent you #savewithenvie is yours. Envie doesn’t have any fees or penalties for transferring your savings, ending a Challenge early, or breaking a streak. In fact, there are no fees or penalties, ever. Bottom line: you can rest assured that the Goldie isn’t one of those things where you “earn money,” only for a bunch of random fees to use it all up.



Pat yourself on the back. Now you know all about the Goldie – our favorite Envie feature that rewards your good habits, keeps you motivated, and also quite literally pays you.

Plain and simple: Envie is all about helping everyone save money by building small, daily habits – and the Goldie adds a touch of magic to your savings routine.

If you haven’t already, go ahead and download Envie and start building your streak today. The Goldie awaits!

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