Scanning Your ID

Is the area well-lit?

Make sure you're scanning your ID in a well-lit area against a contrasting background. Dim rooms, flash glares, and similar-color backdrops can make it difficult for Envie to scan your ID.

Is it in the guides?

Are you using the guides to frame the barcode section of your ID? Once Envie detects your ID"s barcode within the camera guides, it should auto scan!


Switch it & reverse it.

Turning your phone and/or ID to its side 90ΒΊ can sometimes make it easier for Envie to read your ID"s barcode.

Is the barcode damaged?

If the barcode on your ID is damaged, smeared, or worn, that could be why you're having trouble. We're working hard to introduce a feature to add ID details manually. In the meantime, getting a replacement ID could be helpful.

Still having trouble? πŸ’”

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