Scanning Your ID

Is the area well-lit?

Make sure you're scanning your ID in a well-lit area against a contrasting background. Dim rooms, flash glares, and similar-color backdrops can make it difficult for Envie to scan your ID.

Is it in the guides?

There's no button to tap to take the photo; Envie will auto-scan your ID's barcode once it matches up with the guidelines and Envie has a clear view.

Switch it & reverse it.

Rotating your phone and/or your ID to its side 90º can sometimes make it easier for Envie to read your ID's barcode.

Access to camera?

It's possible Envie hasn't been granted access to your phone's camera yet. Check your phone's settings to make sure camera access for Envie is turned on.

Damaged barcode?

If the barcode on your ID is damaged, smeared, or worn, that could be why you're having trouble. As we work on an update to enter your ID details manually, it could be time to get a replacement ID!

Is everything updated?

Sometimes things can get wonky if your app/phone aren't up-to-date! Check for any updates, restart your phone, & try again. (Note: If you JUST got Envie today, you already have the latest version.)

Still having trouble?

We're sorry about that! We know stuff like this can be annoying.

Team Envie is actively working behind-the-scenes to make ID scanning more seamless & user-friendly overall!

Feel free to use this form to contact our support team in the meantime. One of us will be in touch soon to help you!

mon–fri • 9am – 5pm (CENTRAL)

We're a 7-person team, so it could take a second for us to reply.

We do our best to respond to everyone ASAP, but sometimes we gotta sleep, eat, or just touch some grass!

Thank you in advance for not yelling at our support reps for not responding at 3am on a Saturday night! 💜