Envie and Southern Bancorp: Scaling Economic Opportunity Across America


In an era where many big banks prioritize urban markets, underserved communities are left without adequate access to capital. That’s where Southern Bancorp, a unique financial institution, comes in.

With a mission to create economic opportunity in underserved areas, Southern Bancorp combines traditional banking services with a focus on financial development tools. And now, in partnership with Southern Bancorp, Envie is scaling this mission across the United States.

In this blog article, we’ll explore the impact of Southern Bancorp’s mission and how Envie aligns with their goal of becoming wealth builders for everyone.


Creating Economic Opportunity: Southern Bancorp’s Mission

Southern Bancorp’s core mission is to provide responsible, responsive, and innovative financial products and services that balance profits with purpose. Founded three decades ago, Southern Bancorp is dedicated to strengthening underserved communities by offering financial access and investment opportunities. Through a comprehensive approach that includes traditional banking, lending services, credit counseling, and public policy advocacy, Southern Bancorp helps families and communities grow financially stronger, regardless of their zip code.


Southern Bancorp’s Impact: A Model for Change

With an initial investment of $10 million, Southern Bancorp has become one of the largest community development organizations in the United States. Today, it boasts a $2.6 billion asset organization, serving over 65,000 customers across 56 branches in underserved markets in the Mid-South. As a model for Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), Southern Bancorp focuses on delivering impact and influence beyond its physical market borders.


Envie: Scaling the Mission of Economic Opportunity

In partnership with Southern Bancorp, Envie is taking Southern’s mission of economic opportunity nationwide. Envie, with its user-friendly app and innovative savings challenges, aligns perfectly with Southern Bancorp’s commitment to responsible and innovative financial products. By offering a platform that empowers individuals to save, build net worth, and achieve financial goals, Envie scales the impact of Southern Bancorp’s mission and brings it to communities across the United States.


The Envie Difference: Sustainable Financial Habits

Envie contributes to Southern Bancorp’s goal of creating economic opportunity through its sustainable financial habits. By providing convenience and accessibility, Envie encourages individuals to develop healthy saving habits, regardless of their location. With a variety of challenge levels, Envie caters to the diverse financial goals and aspirations of its users, ensuring that everyone can embark on a sustainable savings journey.



Together, Envie and Southern Bancorp are redefining banking by combining technology, innovation, and social impact. By amplifying the mission of wealth building for everyone, Envie’s partnership with Southern Bancorp helps bridge the gap in financial access and fosters inclusive prosperity.

Southern Bancorp’s commitment to economic opportunity aligns seamlessly with Envie’s mission to make saving money easy, accessible, and fun for all. Being powered by Southern Bancorp, Envie is scaling the impact of financial empowerment and ensuring that communities across the United States can benefit from innovative savings tools. We are reshaping the landscape of banking, fostering sustainable financial habits, and working towards a future where economic opportunity knows no boundaries.

Join the movement with Envie and Southern Bancorp, and let’s build wealth for everyone, everywhere.

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